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The Commercial Financing Experts

First Vancouver Finance (FVF) provides commercial financing solutions to small and medium-sized companies dealing with cash flow challenges. A privately held corporation, FVF was founded in 1974, so we have more than 35 years of experience in providing factoring, A/R financing, asset-based lending and other working capital financing solutions to clients that are unable to qualify for bank financing.

Strength and Stability
During our three-plus decades in business, FVF has developed a sound approach to our business model that has enabled us to maintain steady performance and facilitated solid growth.
Our management, operations and sales teams have more than 500 years of combined experience in the asset-based lending industry. The foundation of financial strength we have built has allowed us to flourish in the credit-restricted environment that has existed since the financial crisis of 2008 erupted.
FVF’s diverse and flexible approach has enabled us to provide alternative financing solutions to companies in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, staffing, transportation and distribution.
The keys to our success as a provider of commercial financing solutions include:

Diverse alternative financing programs — This includes invoice factoring (both recourse factoring and non-recourse factoring), accounts receivable financing, working capital financing, asset-based lending, purchase order (P/O) financing and inventory financing.

Fast turnaround on working capital financing applications — We usually respond to our clients’ applications for commercial financing within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of our required information.

Outstanding customer service — It takes more than technical expertise to be successful in alternative financing—you also have to respond quickly to clients’ concerns and consistently go above and beyond expectations. FVF has developed a query able system for client access 24/7, thereby improving the flow of information between companies. This is FVF’s commitment to all of our clients.

Decades of experience — Our nearly four decades of operations in working capital financing have provided us with a level of expertise unmatched by most of our competitors.    

Giving Back

At First Vancouver Finance, we feel it’s important to give back to the communities we serve. In fact, giving back is part of our corporate mission.

One example of this is our Multiple Sclerosis Society Referral Fee program. Through this program, FVF donates all one-time referral fees to the MS Society. These referral fees can range from $200 for small clients all the way up to $4,000 for larger ones.

In order to participate in our referral fee donation program, all you have to do is provide us with the name and contact information of a business that might be a good candidate for factoring or accounts receivable financing. We are looking for pre-bankable, non-bankable and rapid growth companies of all ages.
By referring a client to FVF, you will be helping that business find a solution to its financing problems and helping the MS Society find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

Make a Referral, Earn a Referral Fee

If you’re a banker and have clients or prospects that you cannot help with business financing due to their current financial condition, consider referring them to First Vancouver Finance for alternative financing help. Doing so can turn a “lose-lose” scenario into a “win-win”: The business is able to obtain much-needed cash flow to keep operations running, and you’re able to gain (or retain) its deposits and fee-based services.

In addition, you may also qualify to receive a referral fee from FVF. Please contact us for more details on our referral program.

What We Do

By providing working capital solutions to small and medium-sized companies dealing with financial challenges, First Vancouver Finance helps such companies strengthen their cash flow and balance sheet and, ultimately, become bankable again.

We do this by providing a number of different types of working capital financing, including both “in the box” and “out of the box” alternative financing solutions.

Invoice Discounting — This includes both recourse factoring and non-recourse factoring services, as well as both notification factoring and non-notification factoring services.

Purchase Order (P/O) Financing — This can be helpful when a business does not have sufficient capital to produce an order. With FVF’s Vendor Assurance P/O Financing program, a client’s supplier receives a guarantee that funds owed for raw materials and production will be deducted from the client’s account with FVF upon shipment of the product, at which time funds will be mailed directly from FVF to the supplier.

Receivable Manager® — With this program, clients outsource credit and collection administration to FVF. We provide up-front credit investigation on all accounts, ledger the customer’s invoices on its system, make prompt collection calls, lockbox all payments, apply the payments to open invoices, and remit collected funds to the bank or client.

Accounts Receivable Financing — With A/R financing, businesses borrow against the value of their accounts receivable—which become, in effect, collateral for the loan. FVF then advances funds based on a calculation of the outstanding receivables.

Asset-Based Lending (ABL) — An asset-based loan is a credit facility secured by the assets of a company (such as accounts receivable, equipment, and inventory). Clients continue to manage and collect their own accounts receivable, but submit collateral information each month to FVF.

There are a number of industries in which companies have traditionally used alternative financing solutions to help meet cash flow and working capital financing needs. These include staffing, transportation and trucking, IT services, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, textiles and apparel, and import-export.

However, FVF can provide commercial financing solutions to businesses in practically any industry, not just those that have traditionally used these solutions. Please contact us to discuss your business and industry in more detail.

More Than Just a Financial Partner

It’s important to keep in mind that FVF is more than just a commercial finance company. We are a true financial partner to our clients, providing a number of different financial tools that help our clients meet cash flow challenges—from back-office and A/R processing services to collateral analysis and receivables evaluation. Our specific services include:.
Credit Checks—By analyzing credit reports on your customers to uncover bad risks and set appropriate credit limits, we essentially become your full-time credit manager.

Professional A/R Management—This includes
Folding, stuffing, mailing, documenting and posting invoices and payments in a ledgering system

Collateral Analysis and Receivable Evaluation (C.A.R.E.)—We evaluate all of your receivables and inventory to determine how they perform and the proper amount of leverage to advance against collateral. While most often used by bank partners, this analysis can also be a valuable tool for business owners.