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It was a good question before the pandemic and an even better one now.  Credit is tighter; most FinTech lenders are out of business and what money is available is only there for the bigger and better businesses.  Start-ups, rapid growth and turnaround businesses who need a quick solution will find that factoring is their [...]

It’s my favorite question and one that I have answered a thousand times.  I just hate to think about the business owners who didn’t ask me the question.  Did they end up going out of business, or did they lose control to a FinTech lender, an investor, shareholder, or partner?  At least if they had [...]

The future is unpredictable as we have all just learned.  Trying to predict the cashflow for a business starts with making a bunch of assumptions.  Many times, I have heard business owners say, “I know I’ll get paid but it’s when that I’m worried about”.   A business that Factors never has to say that. When [...]

Simple is good. The fewer working parts there are the less likely something can go wrong. Simple is easier to understand, figure out and fix.  When it comes to financing a business, nothing is simpler than Factoring. When a small business owner (the Seller) factors an invoice from a customer (the Debtor) it is sold [...]

Business owners never want to pay too much for financing, but it could be worse if they pay too little. When they pay too much all they lose is money but if they pay too little, they could end up losing everything. They should not care so much how much their financing costs, but rather will [...]

Factoring is a fundamental business finance building block. It allows a business owner to extend short term credit to their customers and still be able to pay their employees, suppliers, and taxes on time. It frees business owners up to focus on sales, profits and managing the business. In addition, factoring also provides an opportunity [...]

Timing can be a funny thing!  For years I’ve been thinking about starting a blog and now that I’m ready the world of business finance has been flipped on it’s head.  I was going to warn business owners against borrowing from online lenders who promise quick and easy money for little information or collateral.  There’s no need [...]