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Who is this for?

We specialize in providing financial assistance to most types of companies. To qualify for our financial services, clients must:

  • Perform business to business transactions
  • Generate at least $25,000.00 per month in revenues
  • Provide financial information regarding the company and its owners and stockholders


Facility rates and structure are determined by items such as:

  • Industry and creditworthiness
  • The length of time the money is outstanding
  • The amount of funds employed
  • The maintenance involved in the administration and monitoring of the collateral

It is important for a company to show us its ability to provide its product or service to the degree of quality required by a creditworthy customer. Qualification is generally faster and less difficult than with traditional financial institutions, but it requires that we obtain the necessary documentation. Rate and structure decisions are made within 3 to 5 business days after receiving the information.