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FVF helps business services

“Yes!” What a powerful word that can be! When you own a service business it can mean so many positive things for your company, your employees, your vendors and your customers. Whether you own a consulting firm, a janitorial company, a security firm or any other type of B2B oriented service business, First Vancouver Finance can provide the solutions you need to successfully manage your cash flow. We help you focus on what you do best: serving your customers. By eliminating the time it takes to be paid on invoices, FVF helps you to better manage your business for maximum profitability & growth. Would it help your business if you could get paid by all your customers in 1 day instead of 30 or more?

Yes! We have references.

This is what one of our clients has said about us.

“As a new professional services firm with few assets, we were unable to qualify for a traditional loan or line of credit. First Vancouver Finance (FVF ) took the risk when local banks would not. I can’t stress how important it was using FVF to fund our business to meet a variety of immediate cash flow and accounting needs. FVF funds my invoices within 24 hours and that’s great for cash flow. As a staffing company, our payroll can be extremely heavy. Another great benefit is the use of FVF ‘s back-office support for collections of invoices. Who likes to dun money?”
Michael Pethers

I.T. Personnel Solutions, Inc.


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Why can FVF say Yes when my bank told me No?

Although FVF is a lender, we are not a bank. This means that we look at your company financing request differently than a traditional lender does. We focus on the type of services you provide, the management of the company, and credit worthiness of your customers. Traditional lenders look to a service company’s ability to pay their debt, and because there are no fixed assets for the bank to secure, it is often difficult to get adequate financing to meet your needs.

How can FVF ‘s working capital solutions help my company?

We’ve helped thousands of companies with various challenges during the past 30-plus years, but our solutions typically allow our clients to have:

  • Financial strength & stability
  • Improved cash flow
  • Cash flow to meet payroll obligations
  • Ability to add employees to meet increased demand
  • Ability to take on larger orders
  • Managed growth
  • Complete accounts receivable portfolio management
  • Increased likelihood of establishing future traditional lending relationships

YES! We can work with you.

FVF works with businesses that serve other businesses. If your company has annual sales at or projected to beat least $250,000 to a maximum of $20 million, yet you continue to face one or more of the following challenges, call FVF so that we can help you say, “Yes!”

  • Tax liens
  • Personal or business bankruptcy
  • Minimal or negative net worth
  • Start up company
  • Operating losses
  • Cash gaps that make it difficult to meet payroll
  • Challenges with current lender