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Recent Transactions

Dear Valued Referral Source,

Welcome back from the long, hot summer! Fall is traditionally a busy season for us and we look forward to working with and renewing our relationship with you. Over the last few months, we have seen a steady improvement in both activity and interest in our alternative financing solutions. We have done some very interesting “intercreditor arrangements” lately and we would love to discuss any ideas that you might have.Here is a sample of a few deals we funded this summer:


A very successful 90-year-old company is into its third generation of family ownership and may soon be transitioning into the fourth. However, the purchase of a competitor created cash flow problems and put substantial pressure on the A/R department. The company was forced to max out its line of credit, which remained that way for some time. Sean Kinsella from the Commercial Finance Group’s St. Louis office was invited to review the situation and immediately recognized that the company was an ideal candidate for the PrimeLine A/R Management program. Within a month a deal was struck, a box of invoices was delivered and the bank line was paid off. One month later, the company is flush with cash and the A/R is looking better than it has in years. Now, whatever transpires in the future, this company will be ready for it.


Every hard-working lender runs into businesses they would like to help but simply can’t. That was the case for Rita Kim, who works in the Port Coquitlam office of the BDC. She was offering equipment financing when she ran into a talented and experienced individual who had started his business after working for others all his life. However, without an adequate track record, there was simply nothing she could do for him. To make matters worse, it was obvious that his growth would soon create a dangerous working capital shortage. Luckily, she had been working with Raj Singh from the Vancouver office of First Vancouver Finance and she quickly recognized the company’s fit with FVF. A meeting was arranged and a few weeks later the business received an injection of cash—it is now able to continue with its growth plans. It’s only a matter of time before Rita gets that equipment financing deal.


It’s fairly easy to tell when a company has learned well from its experience with a good factoring company. The majority of its customers will be creditworthy, the A/R will be properly worked, and the paperwork will be accurate. That was the case with this company, and the result was a quick proposal that included non-notification factoring, a low rate and a high advance. Kudos goes to Ken Russell of Access Accounting in Bellevue, Wash., who recognized the situation and presented it to James Richards in CFG’s Seattle office. It took barely three weeks to get the company funded and now, two months later, the facility has already doubled in size. Wouldn’t it be great if every deal could be this straightforward?


This machine shop—a 50-year old company with second generation ownership catering to the manufacturing, paper and chemical industries—had been struggling to maintain sales and profits. Then, to top it off, its community bank was sold and the business lost its line of credit. Thankfully, the company’s banker retained his position with the new bank and he called in Mike Parrish from CFG’s Atlanta office for a consultation. Within two weeks, the bank line was fully paid off and a $1,000 donation was made to the MS Society as a result of the referral. Today, the company is submitting every invoice from every customer as they enjoy a steady increase in sales. This is very good news for all of us.