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Products and Services

Our suite of products and services is designed to accommodate the complexities facing today’s businesses. Once we have identified a candidate, our financing process starts with our experienced professionals tailoring our services to meet the client’s needs.

We have offerings to help your business no matter where you are in your business life-cycle.

New Company / Start-up

To assist new ventures, we offer a number of products including:

  • Discount Factoring Lines
  • Vendor Pay Assistance
  • Complete Back Office Services

Rapid Growth

Growth is often met with concern… many want growth but do not have the adequate funds to stimulate it. For that we provide:

  • PrimeLine® Credit Lines
  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Complete Back Office Services

Established Companies

Once established, many companies simply need to improve their cash-flow. For that we provide:

  • A/R Credit Lines
  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Transitioning towards Bank Financing

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