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Transparent to Your Clients

In addition to our traditional factoring programs, First Vancouver Finance (FVF ) also offers a non-notification private label accounts receivable management line of credit. Through this program, the client finances their receivables without notifying the customer. This service is typically designed for those clients who maintain a more stable balance sheet and who are in an industry which does not traditionally utilize factoring.

Through our non-notification private label program, FVF provides all of the services that are available in a full notification facility. The client’s invoice, however, is not ledgered with First Vancouver Finance’s remittance advice, and the only change their customer will ever notice is a new lock box. FVF will also handle collections, however calls will be made in the client’s name. Through our non-notification private label program First Vancouver Finance can present factoring and A/R financing as a viable option to those potential clients who may not otherwise consider this type of financing.