Compare your company’s cashflow potential with a
factoring or account receivable financing facility.

Your Payroll Period Length Your Payroll Period Length
Your Collection Days Your Collection Days
Days/Cycles Days/Cycles
Your Gross Profit Margin (%) Your Gross Profit Margin (%)
Cycles Per Year Cycles Per Year
Current Gross Profit Gross Profit With Financing

There are three main assumptions in analyzing the results from your cash-flow cycle:

  1. A one time investment of $10,000.00 into cost of sales and then a reinvestment at a rate of 65% back into cost of sales.
  2. Under the “With Financing” section, an 80% advance (or availability) on all collateral submitted for financing is available.
  3. The key conclusion to be drawn is a comparison of cash-flow cycles without the financing and with financing made available.